My Current State: NSP

NSP AKA Not So Pretty

That is my current state, at least imo. sad face. Here’s why…

  • My roots – they are highly visible (as you can see by the evidence in my last post)
  • My “blonde” – can you call it that? I say its more blorange than anything. This is a result of switching to wen and no longer user my purple shampoo.
  • My squishy squishy body – which, despite pouring almost $300 into bootcamps and hot yoga, has yet to see a major improvement – no doubt due to my inability to stop freaking eating.

So, here’s the plan of attack

  • Tomorrow – Getting my hair did – back to brown AKA my natural colour AKA no longer processing the shit out of my hair AKA no more roots. Praise the lawd.
  • No more wheat, and no more alcohol until my Bday (04.21) when I turn the big 25 (kill me now)
    the above may sound drastic and normally I’m super anti the whole “I’m never eating X again” but… i’m like 98% sure I have a wheat intolerance anyways. I’ve been advised to cut that shit out for awhile now but I just love it so much! As for the no drinking… Does any one really NEED to drink. ummm when you work at a restaurant and are a student, yah, sometimes you really NEED an effing drink. But, do I NEED to drink in the next 1.5 months? No, I most certainly do not. With school being the nasty little bitch that it is, working weekends, being broke and my boyf not partaking in the alcohol as of current, I really have no reason to be doing it either. All it does it add calories and detract dollas which is literally the exact opposite of what I need in my life.

Plus, I die over this bikini. For realz. dead. dead. gone.



If you don’t hear from me in the next 3.5 days it’s because I went cray from the lack of pasta and killed someone and am running from the law.

xxo S

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